Saturday, January 9, 2010

Three is the magic number!!!

Yes it is! No more, no less! Haha! That's for all you school house rockers or fans of De La Soul! Great news!!! I found my third board member. Actually, I really should say she found me! A woman I am in school with, who I look very highly to, emailed me and volunteered for the third position, telling me SHE would be honored. I would be honored!!!! I am so excited! She is a wealth of business and organizational knowledge and has a pretty good sized "mini farm" herself! I am so excited to get this started!

So that makes my best friend Joy, Bill Marvin, and Barbara Cowley-Durst! Bill is a professor of mine that never gave up on me! He is a walking encyclopedia! I am beyond honored at these amazing people who want to serve on MY board of directors!!!! I have an email out to another wonderful soul, Stephanie! She would radiate energy and creativity to the extreme! She did just start a new job, but it would go beautifully with what she is doing! I really hope to hear from her!!

I haven't heard anything final on my proposal. I did just turn it in yesterday. I tend to write up in the clouds when I write stuff like that! I like to paint dreams with words and sometimes people miss the point because it is not laid out 1.2.3. When I am passionate about something I try to make everyone I talk to either see the visions in the brilliant colors with me or at least feel the passion when I am talking about it. The latter is not hard! I am Italian , loud and animated! When I have said the word AMAZING you know I am on fire!!!! Ok, I went off on a tangent. I am just really excited this is starting to happen. Since I started my Masters I fought having to do papers on past conflicts. I wanted action, not reflection! I now see why the reflection is much needed, but how grateful I am that I am now IN ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to shine this quarter! I am going to renew faith in professors that might have lost it during some of my "outbursts"~

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