Tuesday, January 12, 2010

letting out a little bit of helium

I talked to my advisor yesterday and she had to let out a bit of my helium for me.......get my head out of the clouds. I knew she would have to. I am the dreamer, it goes with my sign (Pisces). Anyhow, she suggested for the time being work under another non-profit until I get all my stuff filed and approved. She said the exempt status alone takes almost six months and I really can't collect grants and donations until I have that. She said to look for what is called a "fiscal sponsor". I had come across that in my research and it does sound like a good idea. She said it will give me a track record so when I am a legit non-profit donors will be more likely to hand over money!

I have a couple idea of how I work under fiscal sponsorship so really I am not THAT disappointed. In fact, going that route gets the project under way faster and that is what she kept hearing me talk about.......the actual garden. Near the end of the conversation she did bring up to have a Plan B. Throwing idea out, I already have one!!! WHOO HOO! She said a pilot project could also work to build a track record if I couldn't find a fiscal sponsor. Well guess where I can set up a pilot project?!?!?!?! MY OWN BACKYARD!!!!!!!!!

Ideas went running through my head!!! I could have the girls come here or I can use Feral Farms (my vending business) and "sell" only to WIC recipients!!!! My mind went a hundred miles an hour after I got over being pulled down from the clouds (it only took a couple hours). My babysitter is leaving for a week starting on Friday so not many meet ups scheduled. I am going to spend this week doing more research, working on gathering more volunteers, planning my own garden, and planning another "pilot plot" and finding a place to build that! *Also need some fundraising ideas.

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