Friday, January 8, 2010

Fans Fans and more fans!!!!

What a way to start something! My goal yesterday was 100 fans on facebook and was able to shut the computer off at 8pm with 103 fans. While I was sleeping they multiplied! I am at 138 now! How exciting! That gives me such motivation!!!

Today is the official start of classes. I have waited for this class for a year and a half! This one and my thesis! I have been dying to do some action work instead of bookwork!!!! I was honestly starting to feel a bit like Don Quixote and hunger was my imaginary windmills!!!!!

I officially have one grant (a small one), already been offered seed donations and now I am finishing up the paperwork !!! Next it is convincing WIC to let me build a garden!!! I don't foresee any problems since there are successful WIC gardens all over the US! But you never now with government funded programs!! Bit of side info~ WIC is THE MOST SUCCESSFUL government funded program out there! That is so sad if you knew how WIC worked. Sad to think they are the best. Can only imagine what the other programs are run like. Well, I can tell you how welfare in general runs, but that is for another post! I could go on for days about welfare!

This is exciting! Not only am I working hard on a school project but I am actually building my career out of this! That is more exciting than words can describe! Speaking of which, I must get back to work!

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