Thursday, September 16, 2010


Yes. It has been awhile. A lot has happened over the summer and now it is time to restructure and organize. I do this every year. I start to nest, preparing for winter. If I am not organized before winter hits, it will be a looooong winter.

My summer in summary...........the garden was much more difficult than I anticipated!I really thought "if I build it, they will come". I truly did experience religious prejudice. But on the up side of that experience I am close to 2000 lbs in donated food!!! That excites me to no end!!!! I also know that despite weeds and overgrowth you can still produce crazy amounts of food! However, I also found out I am allergic to every single weed that sprouted in that garden ; ) I spent many nights drugged up (down) on benadryl! I would be covered head to toe in red dots, bites, sneezing to the point it was unsafe to drive.

Despite how hard the summer was I am going to do it again!!!! Not at the same church, and will probably downsize it a bit. The city of Dayton has vacant lots they are trying to beautify by leasing them out to those who are interested in community gardening at SUPER cheap prices! I have looked into acquiring enough lots to actuallly run an urban farm that produces for the Foodbank and has educational opportunities available to single moms and kids. Pretty much back to my original plan but leaving out the residency side of it for the time being. One step at a time.

So I must also confess.......I withdrew from graduate school and then a week later got my "official" expelling from the program. Heads of departments don't necessarily like to be referred to as "arrogant a@@holes".......I know I know..........that was very unprofessional, but I have not been happier!!!! It is truly a victory for me!!!! I hate theory. It's ridiculous!!! It only creates Don Quixotes!!!!! I could spend the next year writing papers in theory of solving the hunger problem in the Miami Valley or I could take action!!!!!!!!! I am an action kinda gal! One day when I find the politically correct way to tell my story, I will. Just know, even though I was a mere three classes away from a graduate really was an absolute victory for me.

My focus the next couple months is to reorganize the non-profit. I have to re-apply for federal tax exempt again. They leave no room for error in your paperwork. The shirts should be up for sale by the end of the weekend, beginning of next week. I am hoping to get enough sales to pay for the federal filing again........$350. Fingers crossed!!!!

Good things are in the future!!! I feel it. It is my time to live my dream!