Friday, July 23, 2010

even ladybugs do it

Yesterday in the garden was beautiful after I was able to overlook the massive weeds!!!!! I had a good harvest 72 pounds! That was really exciting for me!

Again my mp3 player was dead. Why can't I be better about charging that thing? Especially when it is nearly a lifeline for me? Probably the same reason my cell phone and home phone never get charged either.It was pretty early so I wasn't worried about running into anyone, but there was that chance because today was food pantry day at the church. The tomatoes look AWESOME! They are not quite ready to be picked yet since they got in the ground about three weeks late. But what really makes me proud is the fact that most of them were near death when I got them and now they are gorgeous!!! It makes my mouth water just thinking about taking the salt shaker with me to the garden and having fresh tomatoes right off the vine!!!! I promise I will harvest some for the pantry ; )

More peppers to harvest, of course! I have seen enough jalapenos for awhile! Since everything was delayed nothing is coming out of the garden at the same time, so I am having to pass on salsa and pico............that depresses me!!!!! but what do I see just beyond the peppers?..............MMMMMMMMMM more basil!!!!!!! I get all excited seeing the bushy green plants!!!! I could roll on it like cats do catnip!!!!! Seriously I could. Basil and tomato leaves!!!!! Yeah..........rub them all over and wear them like a perfume!!!!.........I warned you I was a weird garden geek haha!............As I squat to start to pick I see another real red ladybug!!!!!!! Nope...........I see two real red ladybugs!!!!!!!!! And they are doin it!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I move on to the next bushy green basil and let them have their moment.........brown chicken brown cow.................teehee! I really do giggle as I walk onto the next plant and start to pick. I love the way my fingers turn a tinge of yellowish green from picking basil and how for the rest of the day I will have the hint of fragrance.

Onto the cucs! YEAH!!!!! Tons of picklers!!!!!!! My first thought I must admit was a negative one.............thinking about the people staring at these mini cucumbers wondering what to do with them.........well they would know if I had my workshops...........ok, never mind. It is that thought though that makes me inclined to take this harvest to the place of my choice today......I come out with a decent harvest of cucumbers!! They were cute, the cucumbers grew down from the vine into the dirt so the cucumbers were erect pushing the vines up so I could actually see where they all were. Again, regretting I didn't have my camera...........seriously needing to get better about that!

Speaking of erect.............It absolutely tickles me to see a ripe okra!!!! The most amazing blossom in the garden that eventually turns into cute little erect penises! teehee! Really adorable!!! Then snip...........have to harvest them!!! A bit phallic with a twist of Lorena Bobbit..........ok, that was bad! I love Okra!!!! From the seed all the way to the rue in a thick jambalaya!!!!!

I finish with my squash and zucchini. Tons of zucchini but most of my squash has been picked for me. That's ok. The amount of zucchini makes up for it!!! Since I have never gotten permission to use the scale in the closet by the church office I bring my digital scale with me that only recognizes foot placement so I actually have to stand on the scale take my weight and then hold the bags and do the math. Yesterday was extremely difficult because I had to do it a couple times, making the math even more difficult .............which I am self proclaimed stupid when it comes to math...............because the harvest was so large I couldn't hold all the bags. The ten minutes of math was worth it!!!! 72 lb harvest!!!!! My largest one yet!!!!!!!!! And it is filled with food that can actually make a full meal!

I walk into the pantry to gather some boxes since I can't get anyone to give me my totes back. I actually think someone thought that was how to distribute the food! I have lost lots of totes : ( Anyhow, I walk in to find last weeks harvest still sitting there!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!?!?!? Some of the food had maybe a day left!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTH? That made my choice pretty easy at that point! I am donating this harvest someplace else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!St. Vincent's Hotel was MORE than happy to take that food!!!! I wonder what was on the menu last night?

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